Sterrific is a tool that is needed by many to increase their online presence. One of a recognized website always use a catchy domain name and using the correct web hosting service. A web host is a company that has a server and storage space for a website and provides access to the digital life where it could be a start to market your online branding presence. Domain name explains as an URL such as ( which happens to be one of the best-ranked websites in Web design Malaysia.  This URL is prominent as people use it to navigate directly to your site.

The domain name that has been chosen must be registered as people can easily remember and help people to find your site. There are many web hosting services provides complimentary domain name registration for the first year of service, where you will be as one of their customers.

Next, a domain name must have its own criteria other than just a beguiling name. It has to be short and memorable because shorter domain names will make it easier to remember by people. If it happens to be a long domain name, please consider to use it only when you confident the name is unique and people will be interested as the first impression in this industry is the domain name then followed by the content.

Other than that, a domain name is the best opportunity to integrate keywords that may contribute to the whole SEO paradigm system. A business niche involves making relevant keywords that will make potential customers and readers to always be in their memory and each time your domain name sparks in their memory a chance to elevate your business search engine rankings.

The following step is to make a research on your domain names. This step is important to avoid any duplications of names from other businesses or individuals. We want to cut the chances of having the same domain name so the research must be done completely in details and accurate so no conflicts or confusion will appear. For the domain name extension such as domain names that end in .com, and .biz, one must choose the appropriate domain name extension and the one that best fits your website.

When one decided to start a website despite having zero knowledge about Sterrific Web Design is not something that should be frightened of. Yet, it is an overwhelming feeling when you start from scratch but with the right guidance and accurate tools, you probably be running a WordPress site up and getting better in handling a web host within a few periods of time. As your business grew, the website will expand and also could attract potential customers and readers.